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Introducing Jerry's Book Club

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Jerry chooses Rhinoceros Success as his first book

Is this thing on? Hello. Hello. You hear me? Oh, okay. I think it's on. I think it's not. Alright. Well, hello. Happy to be here, everyone. This is Jerry coming to you live with Puppet City Tours.

Happy 2023! Hope you had a less crazy night than I did last night. Okay, I'm just playing... I'm just playing. I was drinking grape juice all night. Sugar rush! All right, well, I just wanted to come up here and tell you about the new little project we're doing here at Puppet City Tours.

We're launching Jerry's Book Club. Yes, I'm very excited about it. I love to read. You may see in the newspapers that I don't like to read. It's a lie! I love to read. I read all the time. I like to read Instagram posts, and I like to read crossword puzzles.

But this year, my new resolution is to branch out into reading books. Well, it so happens that the other founder here at Puppet City Tours, Casey, gave me this book for Christmas. It says it's called Rhinoceros Success by Scott Alexander.

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with safaris. I think Casey would prefer that I'm some sort of, like, safari African animal rather than this amorphous blob. So we're going to talk about how to become a rhinoceros.

I think I read the back. Well, no, I didn't read the back, but I'm going to. I'm going to. It's my New Year's resolution. Anyway, every Sunday, pop on in. We're going to be reading a chapter of this book every Sunday, and we're going to talk about it.

So pop in next Sunday, and we will read the first chapter of Rhinoceros Success. Happy 2023, everybody. I hope you're having a wonderful time. Be sure to come join us out for a tour with Puppet City Tours next time you're in Nashville.

And love you all! Happy New Year!

Join us next Sunday (1/8) as we explore Scott Alexander's "Rhinoceros Success".



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