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So you're in Nashville looking for a fun experience.

Planning to see the sights, taste that hot chicken, listen to some live music, and most importantly spend time with your family and friends?

You can't imagine wrangling some folks with you who are "bored" with history or watching you enjoy a drink or even listening to country music (the nerve!).

You've searched for family-friendly and things to do with kids, but some are just like what you have at home or have already done.

Ever wished you find an experience that includes and entertains everyone? 



That's where Puppet City Tours comes in. We entertain all folks of all ages.


A Puppet   as Your Guide

Puppet City Tours was created by Joshua Sellers and Casey Peavey. Both met as local tour guides in Nashville and realized they could start a new tour for everyone. They created Puppet City Tours so all folks young and old who visit Nashville can have a good ol' time. 

With different backgrounds, careers, and life experiences, Joshua and Casey decide they both would make a great partnership for a fantastic sightseeing tour!


Joshua Sellers


Joshua Sellers is the creative force behind Puppet City Tours. He has experience as a puppeteer through many children's theaters and companies. As a trained Shakespearean actor and performer, Joshua discovered a passion and joy for puppetry.


With hundreds of tours under his belt, he is a popular and highly-rated Nashville tour guide as well. Joshua was recently featured as a storyteller at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesboro, TN.

Joshua has a gift for entertainment and a love of Music City. He has been an active guide in Nashville for food tours, ghost tours, and walking tours. 

Originally from Memphis, Joshua has traveled internationally as an actor. He has made Nashville his home and enjoys live music and many concerts in Nashville.


Casey Peavey

Casey Peavey joined Joshua in the venture of creating a family-friendly tour in Nashville. As a mother and tour guide, she recognized the limited options of tours for families who visit Nashville year-round.


One day between tours, Joshua expressed an idea for a puppet-guided tour. A partnership was born to create a new and unique experience through storytelling and puppets. With over a decade in sales and management including real estate and telecommunications, Casey agreed to start Puppet City Tours with Joshua.

Casey is a popular and highly rated local guide in Nashville serving on food tours, pub crawls, and walking tours. She has a passion for tourism and often travels internationally with her family.

Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, Casey has made her home in Music City. She is active in children's activities that include Girl Scouts, soccer, and horseback riding.

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