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Experience Nashville Differently: Puppet City Tours for Families

Illustration of a family touring nashville

Unique Twist on Nashville Tours

Imagine exploring the vibrant streets and hidden corners of Nashville, but with a twist that turns an ordinary tour into a magical adventure. This is exactly what Puppet City Tours offers - a walking tour led not just by any guide, but a charming, animated puppet, operated by none other than Joshua Sellers, a local expert in Nashville's history and its lesser-known treasures.

The Enchantment of Joshua Sellers and His Puppet

Joshua Sellers isn't your average tour guide. With years of experience guiding groups through Nashville, he brings the city's stories to life, not just through his deep knowledge but through the whimsical presence of his puppet companion. This unique approach transforms the way visitors experience Nashville, blending educational insights with entertaining storytelling.

tour guide with puppet in nashville
Joshua Sellers and Cornbread | Puppet City Tours

Perfect for Families and a Novel Offering for Travel Agents

Tailored for families seeking an engaging and kid-friendly way to explore Nashville, these tours are also an ideal offering for travel agents looking to provide unique experiences to their clients. Whether it's a family on vacation or a group on a girls' trip, Joshua and his puppet guide ensure a memorable experience that goes beyond the conventional tour.

More Than Just a Tour: A Journey into Nashville's Heart

Our clients often share their surprise at the depth of their experience with Puppet City Tours. The group of women who booked with us, expecting a standard tour, were delighted to discover a new side of Nashville. They not only learned about the city's history but were also guided to hidden gems that perfectly aligned with their interests, thanks to Joshua's insider knowledge.

An Invitation to Explore Nashville Like Never Before

We extend an invitation to families and travel agents: next time you're planning a trip to Nashville, consider Puppet City Tours for an unconventional and enchanting exploration of the city. With Joshua Sellers and his puppet, every tour is an opportunity to see Nashville through a lens of wonder and discovery.

Book Your Adventure with Puppet City Tours

Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience Nashville in a way that’s both educational and whimsically delightful. Book your tour with Puppet City Tours or recommend us to your clients. Join us for a journey where every step is a story and every turn reveals a new, unexpected delight in the heart of Nashville.

Ready for a tour? Check out our upcoming schedule here!


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