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Best 9 Nashville Spots for Sweet Treats (according to an expert tour guide)

Updated: Jan 8

Looking to please your sweet tooth with a little southern-style chocolate or candy? Maybe some Nashville sweet treats?

Here is a list of 9 top spots and hidden gems in Nashville to explore. A few of these spots offer factory tours and activities for your whole family to enjoy.

Living in Nashville with kids, a trip to a candy store is an event in itself. Not to mention, no complaints from the adults.


Where are the hidden gems for sweet treats in Nashville?

1. Colts Chocolate Co - East Nashville (3611 Gallatin Pike)

A sweet treat that may appear in a celebrity gift bag, Colts Chocolates has been around since 1984. All chocolates are crafted by hand and a great place to pick up a sweet little gift as well. They do offer tours, but you must contact them for availability.

Local Favorite: Colt Bolts - milk chocolate, peanut butter, and roasted almonds


2. Cotton and Snow - Downtown Nashville (Assembly Food Hall at 5055 Broadway Place)

Shaved ice and cotton candy - yes, please! They have a “Cotton Candy Bar” with cotton candy made fresh every day. You can get spiked shaved ice, soft-serve ice cream, and a boozy coffee.

Local Favorite: Cotton & Snow - cotton candy and shaved ice in bright rainbow colors.


3. Goo Goo Chocolate Co - Downtown Nashville (116 3rd Ave South)

Since 1912, the Goo Goo Cluster has delighted locals and tourists alike. The Goo Goo Cluster claims it was the first combination candy bar. They started mixing chocolate and peanut butter before any other candy maker.

The original Goo Goo is filled with marshmallow nougat, caramel, and peanuts. Yet, the best part of visiting Goo Goo Chocolate Co is designing your own Goo Goo Cluster at a kiosk in the store. They also offer a class where you make your own candy and take home your apron.

Local Favorite: The Original Goo Goo Cluster - peanuts, caramel, and marshmallow covered in milk chocolate


4. Leon’s Candy - Downtown Nashville (Butler’s Breezeway at 138 2nd Ave N)

When you think of southern candy, what comes to mind?

Pralines, made of maple and pecans, are about as classic southern as it gets. Leon’s in Nashville even adds a little whiskey to a few for the grown-ups.

Using an old family recipe, Leon's Candy even served pralines to a president at the White House. They also craft turtles and caramels - yummy!

Local Favorite: Leon’s Classic Praline - soft candy with maple flavor and pecan


5. Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co - East Nashville (1628 Fatherland St)

Old-school European traditions mixed with southern flavors. You have to taste the dark chocolate at Olive & Sinclair. This is Puppet City Tours recommended stops to check out for local gifts and sweet treats.

This “must-see “ in Nashville is Tennessee’s first “bean-to-bar” chocolate company. They stone grind the cacao using stone mills from the early 1900s.

Olive & Sinclair offers weekly factory tours on Saturdays (with samples).

Local Favorites: Candied Lemon and Sea Salt


6. Poppy and Peep - Wedgewood/Houston (374 Herron Dr. Unit 6)

In the neighborhood of Wedgewood/Houston, you will find one of our newest chocolatiers in Nashville.

A father and daughter team crafts sweet and whimsical Bon Bons and bars in their micro-factory. All the Bon Bons are hand painted and are beautiful. From Cookies and Cream White Chocolate Bar to the Strawberry Meringues, it’s tough to make a decision.

Local Favorite: Creme Brulee White Chocolate Bar


7. Savannah’s Candy Kitchen - Downtown Nashville (310 Broadway)

In the smack middle of Honky Tonk row you will find a candy shop that begs you to go in and “look around.” Now, the original candy store is out of Savannah, Georgia. Growing to several locations in the south, we have a location right here in Nashville.

Local Favorite: Caramel Dipped Apple


8. The Peanut Shop - Downtown Nashville (19 Arcady Alley)

The fresh roasted peanuts' aroma fills the Arcade air in Downtown Nashville. In fact, they have had peanuts there since 1927.

Until the 1960’s Planter Peanuts had over 2000 stores across the country until they closed them all. The Peanut Shop remained open and is one of four that are still open today.

You will also find candy and chocolate here. Check out the small museum showcasing peanut memorabilia and history in the store.

Local Favorite: Boiled Peanuts


9. Tempered Fine Chocolate - Germantown (1201 5th Avenue North)

Do you want a cup of hot chocolate? Tucked away in German Town, try Tempered Fine Chocolate. There are a variety of beautiful truffles to choose from, too. Think Rosemary Olive Oil Dark Chocolate to Peanut Butter & Jelly Milk Chocolate. Decisions, decisions.

Local Favorite: Hot Chocolate


Southern Artisan Chocolate and Candy

As local tour guides, we are often asked for the hidden gems in Nashville at Puppet City Tours. We recommend taking a chocolate tour at Olive & Sinclair, making your own Goo Goo Cluster, and exploring the Arcade's peanut history. A little off the beaten path, but worth the experience!

goo goo cluster mural
Local Guides and Owners of Puppet City Tours - Joshua & Casey

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